Saturday, December 18, 2010


Recently on facebook I saw this post

‎"there is no such thing as ugly women-only lazy ones"
Thursday at 4:50pm

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Julia because men can't love you for yourself? or for your talents or your personality?
Thursday at 4:53pm
Sarai hahaha no this has nothing to do with men dude! just with women and their efforts, the usual
Thursday at 6:45pm

I wasn't sure what to think of the post. I liked that it was focused on the fact that all women have potential beautify. I wasn't a big fan of the ugly=lazy assumption. More than that, right off the bat I assumed that if she was talking about "ugly women" she was talking about women who were struggling to attract a spouse.

Beauty does exist outside of the whirlwind that defines dating.

This post comes from a girl who would look beautiful no matter what she did. She's skinny, olive complexioned, and has a very nice smile. When she arrived to seminary at 6 AM, half asleep and without make-up wearing sweat-pants, she still looked beautiful.

For me, I guess I see beauty in being true to yourself. Beautiful people come in all shapes and size, all different fashion choices, all different hairstyles--but people are at their prettiest when they're treating others kindly and loving whatever their passions are (whether it be jet skiing or calligraphy).

I guess I feel like a more appropriate statement would be
"There is no such thing as an ugly woman". Or, if we must modify "There is no such thing as an ugly woman who loves herself"

It reminds me of what Hugo wrote on the site Scarleteen saying:
"Have you noticed the way this works yet? If a girl is thin, she's accused of being "anorexic"; if her weight is higher than the cruelly restrictive ideal, she's "fat" and "doesn't take care of herself" or "has no self-control." If she wears cute, trendy clothes she "only wants attention" and if she wears sweats and jeans, she "doesn't make an effort." If she's perceived as sexually attractive, and -- especially -- if she shows her own sexual side, she's likely to be called a "slut." If her sexuality and her body are concealed, she's a "prude." As you've probably figured out, the cards are stacked against you. You cannot win, at least not if you define winning as dressing and behaving in a way likely to win approval (or at least decent respect) from everyone."

But according to the original poster, this has nothing to do with dating or with appeasing others--therefore, it must be about being beautiful for ourselves. "Ugly" women need to try harder... why does that sound like beauty is completely based on the outside? It does not sound to me like a commandment that we should try harder to learn how to serve others or learn to practice patience.

Why is it assumed that women (not men) need to know that their worth isn't set in place but that if they try harder that they can be "beautiful". Why is outer beauty more socially important for women than for men?

I commented on her status because it made me think and wonder--but how is it that no one else felt the need? How is it that 7 people liked the post and didn't even ask a question?

Do you think that the original status is legitimate?